The first two octaves contain the natural weight and drama of a musical passage.  Legacy subwoofers deliver the essential suspense and impact of music and theater without common overhang and droning of other subs.  Bass emerges from the subterranean, delivering rhythmic bounce and speed. The GOLIATH XD is the ultimate in bass with Legacy’s dynamic braking control.   The XTREME XD is capable of deep thunderous bass and when paired with our WHISPER XD, they represent the state of the art in low frequency reproduction. The POINT ONE can rock with the best of them, while the new METRO is an unprecedented value in a more compact design.


Legacy’s Deepest Performing Subwoofer! The ultra-high performance Goliath XD subwoofer from Legacy will match the dynamic range of even the most efficient speakers.  Massive motors on dual 15″ Silver/Graphite/Rohacell woofers provide world class performance and will handily deliver 130 dB of low distortion output.  Bass pressure in rooms will rise and fall so quickly that room boom and droning is not an issue.  Kettle drums will roll and thunder, kick drums will have visceral punch and pedal notes will surge with this Goliath of a subwoofer.

A Goliath XD Subwoofer.


The Xtreme XD has the power and speed to keep up with Whisper. Dynamic braking, a 15″ extended stroke driver plus 15″ passive radiator and additional ICEpower® amplification make this unit absolutely world class. Bass with BOUNCE, not boom.

Xtreme XD subwoofer.


The Point One subwoofer is one of very few subwoofers that can actually enhance the performance of the Focus SE speaker systems. Providing total control over level, phase, and crossover frequency, the Point One also boasts Legacy’s unique BLEND feature. Now with balanced inputs.


Legacy’s new Foundation subwoofer delivers incredible attack with ultra- low distortion and world class definition utilizing only 1.5 square feet of floor space.


As a 16″ cube, Metro XD is the smallest of our renown subwoofers.  Capable of an amazing 117dB of output, Metro is designed to augment systems with woofers 10″ and smaller.