Center Speakers

Choosing a center channel to enhance your front speakers is important.  The center channel speaker is about much more than just dialogue.  It allows deeper dimensional panning and stabilizes the center stage for multiple listeners.

Legacy offers the MARQUIS HD for the ultimate in full range performance, while the SILVERSCREEN HD is robust enough to keep up with any of our towers.  For built-in applications the SILHOUETTE CENTER is the low profile, high performance choice.  When size is an issue, the compact CINEMA HD will fit in most any application.


Looking for an audiophile quality center channel that will fit in your current entertainment center?  Legacy Audio customers pleaded for a smaller center channel to expand to 5.1 or 7.1 without remodeling the house or apartment.

Cinema HD center speaker.


Legacy’s best center channel speaker has been updated to the Marquis XD. Featuring our 4″ AMT ribbon, as found in the Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter system, and the 8″ Italian crafted titanium encrusted midrange as utilized in the Aeris system, Marquis XD is on par with the speed of our best towers. These high precision drivers, a new crossover, and the incredible dual 12” Aura™ encapsulated neodymium motor structures with custom heat sinks, high temperature voice coils and spun aluminum diaphragms offering 1” of linear travel make it the best center speaker at any price.

Marquis XD center speaker.


The Silverscreen HD is a perfect match for Classic HD, Signature SE, or with TV monitors under 52 inches. It is designed to provide wide dispersion and can be placed above or below the screen. The Silverscreen HD utilizes our pleated ribbon tweeter and our 5.25” Silver/Graphite midrange housed in a sealed subenclosure.


Legacy Audio Soundbars conveniently pack the left, right and center channels into one beautiful cabinet piece and feature the famous Legacy clarity and dynamic performance capabilities.


The elegantly styled Silhouette Center, from Legacy Audio, provides no compromise performance in an artful 5.125″ deep on wall / in wall design. The profile appears even thinner due to the anti-diffractive contoured edges. The robust driver complement and special electrical network yield the optimum response at the listening position. The result is a speaker that does not sound like an on-wall with staging beyond the wall.